Turf Laying

A new lawn, whether its at the back or front, can change the appearance of your garden in a matter of days.

Firstly we will clear the ground of any debris and start the preparation, this will involve the removal of the existing lawn if needed.

We will then start rotovating the soil and add pre-turf fertiliser with a good quality topsoil to ensure that the new lawn roots well.

Turf Laying Services

Once this has been achieved, all the soil will be leveled to form the required setting of the lawn.

Now we can lay the turf, working our way in so to not stand on the prepared soil.

As each roll is laid we use a plank or board to stand directly on the new lawn.

After all the turf has been laid we will either roll the new lawn or tamp to give a consistent finish.

It will take a couple of weeks for the turf to nit together but during this time you will need to water the lawn on many occasions especially in the evening after a warm day.

Your new lawn is now ready to be enjoyed.

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