Rockeries And Plants

Rockeries are meant to look natural and if done correctly are very appealing to the eye.

To build a rockery you need to choose the stone carefully, being of a flat rugged shape consisting of small and large pieces.

To start find the appropriate base area preferably this will be nearer to the property as rockery plants  are usually small alpines and not so easy to see from a distance.

Firstly the chosen area will be marked out from the furthest points around the perimeter and soil is then added.

The rockery stones can now start to be laid around the perimeter using mainly the larger stones.


Then more soil is added and more layers of rockery stones, being careful to leave spaces between the rocks for the all important plants.

We will need to keep building these layers until all the area has been filled, rocks can be overlapped to produce the end finish.

Now for the plants, starting from the top of the rockery down we will start create the garden of plants making sure that all plants are spaced evenly and any larger plants are used at the top so as not to crowd the smaller plants.

It is important that the right plants are chosen  as rockeries are quiet dry .

Alpines are  perfect for this type of feature.

You will need to maintain the rockery especially through the summer months as weeds can quickly take over your new rockery design.

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