Resin Bound & Bonded Gravel Surfaces

Resin bound and Resin Bonded Gravel Surfacing is becoming more popular in the domestic sector all though it has been around for many years being used on public footpaths, country estates etc the cost was not economical for the domestic sector.

Because demand has grown the price has been driven down and making it more affordable.

There is a small difference between the two surfaces being resin bound can be permeable held together by a cold resin and resin bonded is a non permeable surface.

Both resin bound and resin bounded can be laid directly to your existing tarmac, concrete, driveway, courtyard or patio providing that is in a stable condition or a new base can be laid.

Resin Bound & Bonded Gravel Surfaces

All the existing surface will need to cleaned and any loose debris removed if there is a suitable base , if you require a new hard-standing then the ground will need to be excavated to a minimum depth of 250mm,we will then cover the area with a geo-textile membrane this will aid drainage and prevent the sub-base mixing with the hard-core,the next step is to infill with hard-core stone to the required heights and falls which is compacted down,after this has been done edging will need to be laid as a retention for the new base,now to lay the new base which can be either concrete or permeable open graded tarmac surface this will be left below the edge restraint ranging from 15mm up to 30mm  for resin bound  depending on your chosen gravel size or  if your chosen surface is resin bonded ranging from 6mm to 22mm.We will need to apply a polymer primer if the existing or new base is formed from concrete now we can start to lay the new resin bound or bonded gravel using  two methods one being a scatter coat of gravel directly from the hand on to the resin applied to the surface and then a further resin applied(Resin bonded) .

The other being a hand troweling  were the gravels are mixed together with the resin in a mixer and then hand floated on to the surface(Resin bound)

Resin bound and bonded gravel would change the appearance of your original surface in a matter of the days with no need to change the surface  that is down.

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