Pattern Imprinted Concrete

As with any project the end result has to be right so at Construct-a-Driveway we have a team that specialize in Pattern Imprinted Concrete also known as pic and are fully trained to do so and produce excellent results.

All the construction area will be excavated and removed from the site area.

We will then lay a Geo- textile membrane to separate  the sub soils from the hard core.

Our next step is to infill all the excavated area with a sub base of aggregate stone to the required heights and keeping a consistent level and then a further separation barrier is laid.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete

We will then form the shape of the new driveway using timber shuttering,which will be removed after the concrete has cured.If you require a decorative edge restraint for example a paved edge this will be laid prior to concrete arriving.

Now we are ready for the concrete which will arrive ready mixed and contain reinforcement fibres.

The concrete is now poured, we work with a high slump meaning very wet making it easier to work with and gain a consistent level once this is achieved it is time to tamp down the concrete making sure no hard stone is visible .

We will then screed the surface of the concrete to the required height and further light tamp to bring the fat to the surface.

The next step is to float trowel the surface to give a smooth consistent finish and remove excess surface water.

Now for the colour hardener to be added evenly we do this by hand and make at least three passes.

We will then trowel all the surface making sure not leave any lines in the surface this has to be done straight away as the hardener sets very quickly .

Now to add the release agent this stops the printing mats sticking to the surface and also adds colour.

We can now start printing your chosen design with our mats  making sure  that no concrete lifts between the mats we then give a light tamp to produce the imprint to the surface .

After a period of time approximately 24/48 hrs all the new drive can be washed down to remove excess hardener.

Once the surface has dried we can then add the sealer to protect the surface from unforeseen spillages.

Finally crack control joints are formed and the sealed with a sealant.

As this is a man made product we can not guarantee against cracking .

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