Fencing – Domestic & Commercial


A Fence around your property gives you added benefits of security to your home and the privacy needed to relax around your garden.

At Construct- a- Driveway we listen to your requirements and deliver our expertise. The preparation is the most important part so we make sure that this is done right the first time.

If there is existing Fencing this will be removed and cleared away from construction area to prevent any hazards. We will then pull a line through from the the start of the new fence to the finish point.

Fencing Domestic & Commercial

We then excavate the holes to a depth of 600mm /2feet and erect the first and last post to  the required heights, these are usually concrete but wooden can be used if required.

All the holes will then be infilled with a concrete mixture to secure the posts firmly in the ground making sure that the fence posts are standing upright plum by using a spirit level  or post level and tamp the concrete around the posts.

Then excavate the remaining holes every 1.80 meters apart 6ft depending on your chosen Fencing for example feather edge vertical board fence panels.

Each post will be secured using the same method as the first and last post.

As each fence post is erected a gravel board will be fixed between the the fence posts these are usually a precast concrete but wooden can be fixed if required, this is so the fence panel is not sitting directly on the ground and will prevent wood rot.

Any debris will be cleared away from the site area and leave posts to cure overnight.

On the next day we will check all posts are secured correctly and in line and then  slide the Fence Panels between the concrete slotted posts or screw fix to the wooden fence posts.

We also install closed board vertical fencing the process is the same as other Fencing with the erection of the posts and gravel boards, the difference is each rail  usually 3 between the posts is screw fixed  and then each feather edge fence board is individually screw fixed to the rails to form the required fencing.



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