Drainage Systems Replaced Repaired


Drains can cause many problems that you can not see and eventually problems will rise to the surface and even your home. So at Construct-a-Driveway we offer a free survey of your drains as a standard precaution on every patio and Driveway installation. This will not only give you peace of mind but potentially save you a lot of money in the future.


Drainage Systems Repaired


For instance you may have a new Tarmac Driveway installed or Pattern Concrete neither of which can be taken up and relaid without  being cut and then reinstated which would leave an unsightly line. And not all drains can be relined with no dig technology.


Block Paving construction procedures are as follows.


At Construct-a-Driveway we can replace your drainage system if needed whilst on site which would reduce the cost dramatically.

Our system will include new 4 inch or 6 inch underground drainage from the soil and vent to when it leaves  your property and would include new gullies and manholes if required.

All drainage will conform to British standards.

This will eradicate any problems that may happen in the future and give you total peace of mind.If your not having a new driveway or patio then we can still install a new system.




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